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(ASHRAE No: R-436A)
Replacement for HFC-134a
Lemy® 436 is Eco-friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant replacing for HFC -134a with better performance and strong competitiveness.

• This refrigerant has acquired the R-Number of R-436A
   from ASHRAE.
• Environmentally benign refrigerant with zero ODP and
   near zero GWP (less than 3).
• It has lower discharging temperature and pressure ratio
   meanwhile higher energy efficiency compared to
   HFC-134 aused with same  refrigerating systems.
• It can be used as drop-in alternative refrigerant for
   HFC-134a refrigerating systems without changing of
   compressor,heat exchanger or lubricating oil.
• It can be also used as drop-in alternative refrigerant
   for CFC-12 refrigerating systems.
• It has 50% reduction of charging amount with same
   refrigerating system.
• Its competitiveness in price is superior to current HFC-134a

Automotive, Refrigerators, Home A/C, Commercial Refrigerators.
The mineral oil is the predominant lubricant for Lemy®436. In some industrial application, polyakylene glycol (PAG)
or polyol ester (POE) oil could be used.
According to ASHRAE Standard 34, Lemy® 436 is classified in safety group A3.

Can: 200g; Cylinder: 10kg, 45kg & 450kg; ISO tank

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