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  - Lemy R-290
  - Lemy R-600a
(High Purity Propane)
Lemy® R-290 is high purity propane which is available for various application uses.

• LEMY® R-290 is good replacement for HCFC-22, HFC-407C and
• 50% reduction of charging amount compared to HCFC-22,
  HFC-407C and HFC-404A.
• Environmentally benign chemical with zero ODP and near zero GWP.
• Propane content is higher than 99.6% by mole which increase the
  durability of the system.

• Refrigerant for industrial refrigerator, commercial show-case and chillers.
• Solvent and blowing agent.
• Standard gas.
Lemy® R-290 is being used with mineral oil (MO) or polyakylene glycol (PAG) oil.
According to ASHRAE Standard 34, LEMY® R-290 is classified in safety group A3.

5kg, 50kg, 500kg, ISO Tank

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