environment friendly refrigerant

■ This is an environment-friendly refrigerant with
    O.D.P=0 and G.W.P<150 and has a strong price advantage
    compared to the R-1234YF of Dupont-Honeywell.
■ Current R-134a will be banned from 2011 for new models in
    Europe of automobiles manufactured in Europe and
    completely phased out from 2017 for all new cars
    registered in Europe.
■ This new R-440A is a perfect replacing refrigerant for
    R-134a and has a 15% more C.O.P compared to
    Dupont-Honeywell R-1234yf and also competitive price
■ This refrigerant has acquired the R number of 440A from

           Physical Property R-440A
               Molecular Weight (kg/kmol) 66.05
               Boiling Point (℃) -27.5
               Critical Tamperature (℃) 112.89
               Critical Pressure (Mpa) 4.44
               Liguid phase density_(kg/㎥) at 0 ℃ 957.46
               Liguid phase Enthalpy (kJ/kg) at 40 ℃ 133.03
               ASHRAE Safety Group A2
               Toxicity NO
               O.D.P 0
               G.W.P 140
           Qality lndex  
               Purity ( % by mass) 99.9
               Moisture (PPM) 0.1
               Appearance clear
               Odor None
           Application Replacement for R-134a used in refrigerator,car and small air conditioner
           Packing 200g, 10k, 100k, 1ton