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The world’s first R-12 substitute refrigerant with ACDelco brand approved by GM technical center in Detroit, U.S.A. It has 0 O.D.P and nonflammable refrigerant for Motor Air Conditioning system.

■ These alternative refrigerants can be used for the cars
    which use R12 freon in the air conditioning system.
■ If it is mixed with R-12 freon, it does not cause any
    problem in performance.
■ It is possible to fill the alternative refrigerants with the
    filling equipment for R-12 freon.
■ Alternative refrigerants have excellent lubricity and
    they do not adversely affect on oil or hose.

           Physical Property REF-12 Plus
               Molecular Weight (kg/kmol) 104.13
               Boiling Point (℃) -26.84
               Critical Tamperature (℃) 101.65
               Critical Pressure (Mpa) 4.13
               Liguid phase density_(kg/㎥) at 0 ℃ 1299
               Liguid phase Enthalpy (kJ/kg) at 40 ℃ 107.5
               ASHRAE Safety Group A1
               Toxicity NO
               O.D.P 0
               G.W.P 1238
            Qality lndex  
               Purity ( % by mass) 99.9
               Moisture (PPM) 0.25
               Appearance clear
               Odor None
           Application R-12 motor air conditioning system
           Packing 200g,13k,50k,100k,1ton,18ton

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