Our laboratory is a knowledge center for developing and testing new refrigerants which require global needs to protect the Earth from its greenhouse harmness. Over the years,  we have built a result driven R&D organization which has accummulated its skill and experience to creat new formula gases and its tests for commercial uses. The team of laboratory has a benefit from the state-of-art facility and the extensive experience of the professional scientists with a wide range of industries including chemical engineering and mechanical and electrical engineering. Also the capability of the team has been practiced to build and operate oversea's plants located in China, Iran and Australia as well as Korea.
Our R&D initiatives are closely tied with global standards affiliated from global climate and environmental agreements described in Montreal and Kyoto Protocol. We believe we are leading refrigerant industry through proven technology and accepted customer satisfaction last 10 years. Today, we are leveraging our core competencies cultivated in the field of CFC substitute gas as we work on next generation of HCFC and HFC substitute solution and in the coming years, our R&D efforts will bring out proven and sustainable alternatives to the world market.