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(ASHRAE No: R-511A)
  Replacement for HCFC-22
LEMY® 22 is a perfect replacing refrigerant for HCFC-22 and acquired the R number of R-511 from ASHRAE.

• Lemy® 22 is an azeotropic refrigerant.
• Lemy® 22 has 55% reduction of charging amount and 15%
  increasing in energy efficiency compared to HCFC-22 used with
  same refrigerating system.
• It can be used as drop-in alternative refrigerant for HCFC-22
  in existing system without changing of compressor, heat
  exchanger or lubricating oil.
• Eco-friendly refrigerant with zero ODP and near zero GWP(<3).

Refrigerant in home A/C and commercial refrigerators.
Recommended lubricant for Lemy® 22 is mineral oil (MO) or polyakylene glycol (PAG) oil.
According to ASHRAE Standard 34, Lemy® 22 is classified in safety group A3.

Cylinder: 5.4kg, 50kg, 500kg; ISO tank

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